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Ventre-Dominey Jocelyne

Jocelyne Ventre-Dominey / CR1 - INSERM

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Jocelyne Ventre-Dominey is Senior Researcher at INSERM-U846 in Lyon, France. She received her PhD at University Claude Bernard in Lyon in 1982 studying the implication of cortex in visual vestibular functions in the cat and macaque. During her thesis, she described for the first time the role of the posterior cerebral cortex in vestibular function and its anatomical correlates as direct projections from cortex to the vestibular nuclei. During her 2 years post-doctorate in the Laboratory of Bio Engineering-Pavia University (Italy), she specialized in human vestibular function and computational neuroscience. She became full-time researcher at the French health Research Institute (INSERM) in 1986. As a visiting neuroscientist in 1989-1990, she worked with Pr David S. Zee at Johns Hopkins Hospital on oculomotor disorders of Parkinson disease. Her current research interest includes understanding the functional organisation of the cerebral cortex in multimodal representation, including visual and vestibular modalities as well as their interaction with high-order cognitive function including language and memory. Her experimental work in human is directly involved in the current humanoid robot implementation (iCub).

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