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Godet Murielle

Godet Murielle / CR1 - INRA

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                My research focuses on the role of mitochondria in stemness and pluripotency. It is well documented that energy metabolism plays a critical role in stem cell maintenance and differentiation but its function in stemness is poorly understood. Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC) and epiblast stem cells (EpiSC) are at distinct pluripotent states representing the Inner Cell Mass (ICM) and epiblast embryo, respectively. It has been described that human ESC and EpiSC shared similar glycolytic metabolism, while mouse ESC (mESC) are bivalent in their energy production, dynamically switching from glycolysis to mitochondrial respiration on demand. These results are in contradiction with the low number and under-developed mitochondria described in mESC. We propose that oxydative stress occurring during stem cell derivation from ICM mouse embryo could be an important parameter of the metabolic activation observed in mESC.

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