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Gervier Sylvie

Sylvie Gervier / CRCN - INRA

Research interests 

Pluripotent stem cells (ESC, EpiSC or iPSC) from different species are routinely cultured in vitro and represent a tremendous hope for numerous therapies. However, derivation of ES cells and production of iPS cells are very inefficient in non-rodent species; the quality of these cells remains variable; and only rodent ES and iPS cells maintain the most naive pluripotency state similar to the inner cell mass. Then, the objectives of my research are to improve the derivation and purification of safe pluripotent cells. For these purposes, my current projects focus on:
- understanding the mechanisms involved in the maintenance of naive or primed states by focusing on the retroviral silencing in mouse, as a model, in chicken (non-mammalian) and rabbit (mammalian) as two non-rodent models.
- defining novel biomarkers to distinguish pluripotency states.
- developing new tools like reporter genes to mark and/or select pluripotent stem cells.

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Physiology and biotechnology of Embryonic stem cells

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