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Beaujean Nathalie

Nathalie Beaujean / DR2 - INRA

Research interests 

She earned her PhD in Paris, in 2001, and then worked as a post-doc at the Roslin Institute (Scotland). She joined INRA in 2003, at Jouy-en-Josas, to develop studies on chromatin remodeling during preimplantation development , mainly in murine and rabbit/bovine species. She is very experienced in the analysis of epigenetic reprogramming by powerful image analysis tools. Since her arrival at SBRI her project is to study chromatin & epigenetic reprogramming to totipotency. Model systems include embryos upon fertilization or nuclear transfer (cloning) as well as after pluripotency induction in somatic cells (iPSC) of various mammalian species.

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2_Pluripotent stem cells in mammals

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