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Chronobiology and affective disorders

Chronobiology and Affective Disorders

Major depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and current treatments are limited in terms of efficacy, delay of action and undesirable side effects. Light plays a critical role, directly and through the circadian system on clock function, sleep regulation, and cognitive and emotional brain responses. Chronobiological mechanisms are considered to play a significant role in affective disorders and recent data point recent advances have confirmed the use of light exposure strategies in novel treatments for affective disorders. Our team is dedicated to study the control mechanisms of chronobiological rhythms and fast and effective antidepressant responses. Our strategy has two main axes:

  • Non-visual responses to light: mechanisms and applications. Our objective is to understand the basic mechanisms of non-visual photoreception and the effects of light on circadian rhythms, physiology and gene regulation in normal and pathological states. our studies address the cellular and molecular mechanisms underscoring circadian regulation, via an in-depth analysis of the photoreceptive pathways and genetic signalling of the retinal network.
  • Early-onset antidepressant strategies: neurobiological mechanisms. In vivo evaluation of the impact of fast acting antidepressants on mood and cognition as well as on cerebral networks and plasticity will provide a better understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the antidepressant responsiveness in refractory major depression. In addition, to further improve antidepressants effectiveness, we will determine the potentiating effects of light exposure on the antidepressant response.

The results arising from the basic research of our program should be translated to potential clinical applications and be of important interest for public health.


: Chronobiology and affective disorders

Members List

Hugo Calligaro (Alumni)

Sarah Delcourte (Alumni)

Howard Cooper
Team Leader / DRCE

Howard Cooper
Team Leader / DRCE

Nasser Haddjeri
Team Leader / DR2

Nasser Haddjeri
Team Leader / DR2

Ouria Dkhissi-Benyahya

Moussa WARDE
Post Doc

Hélène Scarna

Christine Coutanson

Chaimaa Kinane
PhD Student

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