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4B- Cellular programming in the brain

Our laboratory investigates lineage specification in the postnatal SVZ, the main germinal zone of the postnatal forebrain. We have participated to the demonstration that the SVZ is not a homogeneous germinal region, but is composed of microdomains that have different embryonic origins, distinct transcriptional signatures and are biased in generating specific neural cell types (reviewed in (Fiorelli et al 2015)).

Over the last few years, we have progressively focused on characterizing the dorsal-most domain of the postnatal SVZ (dorsal SVZ or dVSZ). This region is particularly interesting as it continues producing cells of distinct lineages, including distinct neuronal lineages. In particular, this region contains progenitors of oligodendrocytes and glutamatergic neurons, two cells type that are particularly sensitive to degeneration in a variety of pathologies.

By using a combination of molecular and imaging tools, our research addresses the following aims:

  • To better understand neural lineages diversity as well as their transcriptional coding in the postnatal forebrain
  • To manipulate postnatal progenitors fate in health but also in pathologies such as neonatal hypoxia, in order to promote CNS repair
  • To study the potency of postnatal progenitors to produce subtypes of functional neurons an glial cells
: 4B- Cellular programming in the brain

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Olivier Raineteau
Team Leader / DR2

Olivier Raineteau
Team Leader / DR2

Guillaume Marcy

Salma Ellouze
PhD Student

Louis Foucault
PhD Student

Alexane Andrieux

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