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Conference by Adrien Meguerditchian

Published on March 28, 2017

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Physiology and biotechnology of avian stem cells


The team is focusing its research on two major questions related to the physiology and the biotechnology use of avian embryonic stem cells:
i) could a naive state be identified and characterized in a non-mammalian species. Through the development of new reporters and characterization of epigenetic profiles, this approach will allow us to identify the cell and molecular features of the naïve chiken ES cells and explore whether such naïve cells can differentiate into functional germ cells.
ii) could the controlled differentiation culture conditions and reprogramming process help to generate new avian cell lines with defined phenotypes for biotechnological uses. Not yet used in non mammalian species, the somatic reprogramming approach will help us to produce innovative cellular substrates and new cell types in avian species.

Bertrand Pain

Interest in investigating the ES cells physiology. Our research group aims to understand the molecular mechanisms that control pluripotency, somatic and germinal differentiation using the chicken as a non mammalian model system.

Interest in compairing stem and germ cell physiology in different avian and mammalian species of agronomical interest.

Interest in developing new cell lines from various species as substrates for viral vaccine replication.

Camille Baquerre

Christian Jean

Chicken gene analysis by qPCR and Microarray.


Clémence Kress

My research focuses on how epigenetic mechanisms control the pluripotency and the differentiation of  avian embryonic stem cells. I aim to characterize the dynamics of DNA methylation and chromatin modifications in cultured cells and during the early development of the chick embryo. I also study the resetting of the epigenome in primordial germ cells as well as during cellular reprogramming. In parallel, I participate in the generation of a virtual stem cell model ...

Guillaume Montillet

Selected Publications of Team members :
Kress C, Montillet G, Jean C, Fuet A, Pain B (2016) Chicken embryonic stem cells and primordial germ cells display different heterochromatic histone marks than their mammalian counterparts 2016 Feb 10;9:5. doi: 10.1186/s13072-016-0056-6
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