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Conference by Adrien Meguerditchian

Published on March 28, 2017

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 European funded projects 

Investissements d'Avenir : LabEx CORTEX


CORTEX is a rare and combined multidisciplinary effort to understand the brain and human cognition, based on systems level studies of networks and interactions of multiple scales, from neurons to individuals. Understanding cognition and its biological roots, but also its pathologies requires a comprehension of its genesis, its structure, and its physiology. CORTEX pushes this integrative approach, which allows tapping into the resources of our brain for rehabilitation; the design of new and therapeutic procedures. One further perspective will be to pave the way, via reverse engineering of the brain, to the emerging field of bio-inspired technologies.

Director : Henry Kennedy

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Henry Kennedy

SBRI investigates the development, function and repair of neuronal circuits involved in cognition, motor control and biological rhythms and researches the structural foundations of computation in the cortex. We seek to develop embryonic stem cell based therapies so as to reverse the effects of brain lesions leading to the motor and cognitive deficits found in neurological disease including Parkinson's.

Colette Dehay

Team leader

Dr Emmanuel Procyk

What are the neural mechanisms producing higher cognitive functions, and in particular those allowing flexible and voluntary behaviours? This is the main theme of my research. It addresses action and outcome valuation, cognitive control / working memory and sequential planning, and how these processes lead to rapid adaptations of behaviour. Understanding these mechanisms requires investigating brain functions from behavioural ...

Pierre Savatier

DR2 INSERM, Team leader. He obtained his PhD from the University of Lyon in 1986. He joined INSERM in 2004 as an AVENIR team leader, and the same year he was awarded the “Coup d’Elan pour la recherche” from the Bettencourt Foundation. His team participates in two laboratory of excellence (LabEx): DEVweCAN and CORTEX. His is responsible for PrimaStem, a technological platform specialized in pluripotent stem cells in primates. PrimaStem participates ...

Selected Publications of Team members :