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Conference by Adrien Meguerditchian

Published on March 28, 2017

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Cortical architecture, coding and perception


We investigate information processing in the cortical networks underlying visual perception and visuo-motor integration. We have established the statistical tools for modelling connectivity underlying the hierarchical organization of the cortex, and are exploring the context-dependent processing that these results suggest. Cortical networks are identified using fMRI, both in human and non-human primates. Psychophysics allows inference about the computational properties and when coupled with fMRI allows the localisation of the sites of these computations in cortical networks. The fMRI in the monkey makes it possible to understand functional networks in humans in terms of the cellular mechanisms established by studies carried out in the monkey. Developmental, aging and pathological models are also used to explore the independence and interactions of visual functions with performance. Finally, we apply the results from this approach to the design of stimuli and training procedures in order to improve performance related to visual tasks in observers with low vision.

Henry Kennedy

SBRI investigates the development, function and repair of neuronal circuits involved in cognition, motor control and biological rhythms and researches the structural foundations of computation in the cortex. We seek to develop embryonic stem cell based therapies so as to reverse the effects of brain lesions leading to the motor and cognitive deficits found in neurological disease including Parkinson's.

Kenneth Knoblauch

Perception and sensory coding, color vision, psychophysics, functional cerebral imagery, low vision, development of visual function, modeling of neural processes and networks.

Clement Abbatecola PhD student

Multimodal integration in face and voice perception, prosopagnosia, relation between brain networks structure and cognitive functions, fMRI data analysis.

Jennifer Beneyton


Bianca Gamanut

Razvan Gamanut PhD Student

Peggy Gerardin

Szabolcs Horvát

Melle Isabelle Koy

Camille Lamy

A major part of my work in the team concerns the development of a so called frameless stereotaxy or neuronavigation system, the “Brainsight Primate”. This system makes it possible to perform very precise intracerebral injections of neuronal tracers or place probes, electrodes etc. in buried ...

Loïc Magrou PhD student

Pierre Misery

I am working on the cortico-cortical connectivity of the macaque. We use retrograde tracers to examine topography of interareal connectivity. To do this, we inject tracers in the brain of macaque using MRI guided technology (Brain Sight). We carry out histological processing on the brain so as to accurately allocate labelled neurons to particular cortical areas.An important aspect of the analysis of the material is the recording of the XY coordinates ...

Julie Muguet

Ana Rita Ribeiro Gomes PhD Student

The brain is composed of different anatomical pathways that link different brain regions, in order to establish channels of communication/interaction between them. I have developed my scientific activity in the field of neuroanatomy and cortical network, in particular in the study of cortico-cortical and subcortical-cortical connectivity in the macaque by the use of fluorescent retrograde tracers. These markers are injected in different cortical areas and are actively transported from ...

Duo Xiao

Selected Publications of Team members :
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