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Cortical Architecture, Coding and Perception

We investigate information processing in the cortical networks underlying visual perception and visuo-motor integration.

We have established the statistical tools for modelling connectivity underlying the hierarchical organization of the cortex, and are exploring the context-dependent processing that these results suggest. Cortical networks are identified using fMRI, both in human and non-human primates.

Psychophysics allows inference about the computational properties and when coupled with fMRI allows the localisation of the sites of these computations in cortical networks.

The fMRI in the monkey makes it possible to understand functional networks in humans in terms of the cellular mechanisms established by studies carried out in the monkey. Developmental, aging and pathological models are also used to explore the independence and interactions of visual functions with performance.

Finally, we apply the results from this approach to the design of stimuli and training procedures in order to improve performance related to visual tasks in observers with low vision.


: Cortical Architecture, Coding and Perception

Members list

Peggy Gerardin

Henry Kennedy
Team Leader / DRE

Kenneth Knoblauch
Team Leader / DR2

Razvan Gamanut
Post Doc

Loïc Magrou

Duo Xiao

Bianca Gamanut

Camille Lamy

Pierre Misery

Emeline Brandinelli

Clement Abbatecola
PhD Student

Ana Rita Ribeiro Gomes
PhD Student

Yujie Hou
PhD Student

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