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PhD thesis defense by Abhishek S. Prayagpour

Published on July 19, 2017

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Robot Cognition Laboratory (RCL)

One of the long-term goals in the domain of human-robot interaction is that robots will approach these interactions equipped with some of the same fundamental cognitive capabilities that humans use. This will include the ability to perceive and understand human action in terms of an ultimate goal, and more generally to represent shared intentional plans in which the goal directed actions of the robot and the human are interlaced into a shared representation of how to achieve a common goal in a cooperative manner. Our approach to robot cognition makes a serious commitment to cognitive neuroscience and child development, as sources of knowledge about how cognition is and can be implemented.

* The figure above illustrates a cooperative human-robot interaction with the HRP2, part of the Japan-France Joint Robotics Laboratory at LAAS Toulouse. For more details click on this link for the Robot Cognition Laboratory

* Here is a recent France 3 News Clip

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