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Conference by Adrien Meguerditchian

Published on March 28, 2017

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Thierry Blachere

Position: Research Assistant


Mailing Address:
Laboratoire de Biologie de la reproduction, Faculté de Medecine
8 Avenue Rockefeller
69373 - Lyon Cedex 08 - France
External Link:
Phone: 04 78 77 75 62
Fax: 04 78 77 72 64

StemGamE - Platforms

Research interest

Molecular biology, DNA methylation, imprinted genes.

Lefèvre A, Blachère T (2015) Methylation of specific regions: bisulfite-sequencing at the single oocyte or 2-cell embryo level. Methods Mol Biol. 1222:209-26.
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Khoueiry R, Ibala-Romdhane S, Al-Khtib M, Blachere T, Lornage J, Guerin JF, Lefevre A (2013) Abnormal methylation of KCNQ1OT1 and differential methylation of H19 imprinting control regions in human ICSI embryos Zygote 21:129-138.
Sauvat F, Bouilly J, Capito C, Lefevre A, Blachere T, Borenstein N, Sarnacki S, Dandolo L, Binart N (2013) Ovarian function is restored after grafting of cryopreserved immature ovary in ewes. FASEB J 27:1511-1518
Al-Khtib M, Blachere T, Guerin JF, Lefevre A (2012) Methylation profile of the promoters of Nanog and Oct4 in ICSI human embryos. Hum Reprod 27:2948-2954.
Al-Khtib M, Perret A, Khoueiry R, Ibala-Romdhane S, Blachère T, Greze C, Lornage J, Lefèvre A (2011) Vitrification at the germinal vesicle stage does not affect the methylation profile of H19 and KCNQ1OT1 imprinting centers in human oocytes subsequently matured in vitro Fertility and sterility 95(6): 1955-60 download
Ibala-Romdhane S, Al-Khtib M, Khoueiry R, Blachere T, Guerin JF, Lefevre A. (2011) Analysis of H19 methylation in control and abnormal human embryos, sperm and oocytes Eur J Hum Genet 19:1138-1143
Borghol N, Blachere T, Lefevre A. (2008) Transcriptional and epigenetic status of protamine 1 and 2 genes following round spermatids injection into mouse oocytes Genomics 91 (5): 415-422 download
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Chambon C, Bennat D, Delolme F, Dessalces G, Blachere T, Rolland de Ravel M, Mappus E, Grenot C, Cuilleron CY (2001) Photoaffinity labeling of human sex hormone-binding globulin using 17alpha-alkylamine derivatives of 3beta-androstanediol substituted with azidonitrophenylamido, azidonitrophenylamino, or trifluoroazidonitrophenylamino chromophores. Localization of Trp-84 Biochemistry 40(50):15424-35
Rolland de Ravel M, Blachere T, Delolme F, Dessalces G, Coulon S, Baty D Grenot C, Mappus E, Cuilleron CY (2001) Specific photoaffinity-labeling of Tyr-50 on the heavy chain and of Tyr-32 on the light chain in the steroid combining site of a mouse monoclonal anti-estradiol antibody using C3-, C6-, and C7-linked 5-azido-2-nitrobenzoylamidoestradiol photoreagents Biochemistry 40(49): 14907-20
Kassab D, Pichat S, Chambon C, Blachere T, Rolland de Ravel M, Mappus E, Grenot C, Cuilleron CY (1998) Photoaffinity labeling of homologous Met-133 and Met-139 amino acids of rabbit and sheep sex hormone-binding globulins with the unsubstituted Delta 6-testosterone photoreagent Biochemistry 37(40): 14088-97
Rousselot P, Mappus E, Blachere T, de Ravel MR, Grenot C, Tonnelle C, Cuilleron CY (1997) Specific photoaffinity labeling of Tyr-49 on the light chain in the steroid-combining site of a mouse monoclonal anti-estradiol antibody using two epimeric 6alpha- and 6beta-(5-azido-2-nitrobenzoyl)amidoestradiol photoreagents Biochemistry 36(25):7860-8
Grenot C, Blachere T, Rolland de Ravel M, Mappus E, Cuilleron CY (1994) Identification of Trp-371 as the main site of specific photoaffinity labeling of corticosteroid binding globulin using delta 6 derivatives of cortisol, corticosterone, and progesterone as unsubstituted photoreagents Biochemistry 33(30): 8969-81
Grenot C, de Montard A, Blachere T, de Ravel MR, Mappus E, Cuilleron CY (1992) Characterization of Met-139 as the photolabeled amino acid residue in the steroid binding site of sex hormone binding globulin using delta 6 derivatives of either testosterone or estradiol as unsubstituted photoaffinity labeling reagents Biochemistry 31(33): 7609-21
Grenot C, de Montard A, Blachere T, Mappus E, Cuilleron CY (1988) Identification of a photolabelled site of the plasma binding protein for testosterone and estradiol (SBP) using tritiated 17 beta-hydroxy- 4,6-androstadien-3-one C R Acad Sci III307(7): 391-6