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Conference by Adrien Meguerditchian

Published on March 28, 2017

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Pascale Giroud

Position: Assistant Engineer

Company: Inserm u846

Mailing Address:
18 avenue du Doyen Jean Lépine

69675 - Bron Cedex - France
External Link:


Research interest
Markov NT, Ercsey-Ravasz MM, Ribeiro Gomes AR, Lamy C, Magrou L, Vezoli J, Misery P, Falchier A, Quilodran R, Gariel MA, Sallet J, Gamanut R, Huissoud C, Clavagnier S, Giroud P, Sappey-Marinier D, Barone P et al (2014) A weighted and directed interareal connectivity matrix for macaque cerebral cortex. Cereb Cortex, 2014, 24(1):17-36 download
Markov NT, Vezoli J, Chameau P, Falchier A, Quilodran R, Huissoud C, Lamy C, Misery P, Giroud P, Ullman S, Barone P, Dehay C, Knoblauch K, Kennedy H. (2014) The anatomy of hierarchy: Feedforward and feedback pathways in macaque visual cortex. J Comp Neurol, 2014, 522(1):225-259 download
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Lukaszewicz A, Cortay V, Giroud P, Berland M, Smart I, Kennedy H, Dehay C (2006) The concerted modulation of proliferation and migration contributes to the specification of the cytoarchitecture and dimensions of cortical areas. Cereb Cortex, 2006, 16 Suppl 1:i26-34 download
Lukaszewicz A, Savatier P, Cortay V, Giroud P, Huissoud C, Berland M, Kennedy H, Dehay C (2005) G1 phase regulation, Area-Specific cell cycle control, and Cytoarchitectonics in the Primate Cortex. Neuron, 2005, 47:353-364 download
Smart IH, Dehay C, Giroud P, Berland M, Kennedy H (2002) Unique Morphological Features of the Proliferative Zones and Postmitotic Compartments of the Neural Epithelium Giving Rise to Striate and Extrastriate Cortex in the Monkey Cerebral Cortex 12:37-53 download
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Dehay C, Giroud P, Berland M, Smart I, Kennedy H (1993) Modulation of the cell cycle contributes to the parcellation of the primate visual cortex. Nature, 1993, 366:464-466 download
Joseph JP, Giroud P (1986) Visuomotor properties of neurons of the anterior suprasylvian gyrus in the awake cat Exp Brain Res 62(2):355-62