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Conference by Adrien Meguerditchian

Published on March 28, 2017

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Murielle Godet

Position: Research Associate

Company: INRA Primastem

Mailing Address:
Laboratoire de Biologie de la reproduction, Faculté de Médecine
8 avenue Rockefeller
69373 - Lyon, Cedex 08 - France
External Link:
Phone: 04.78 77 28 79
Fax: 04.78 01 49 75

StemGamE - Platforms

Research interest

Genomic imprinting in stem cells.

Coronado D, Godet M, Bourillot PY, Tapponnier Y, Bernat A, Petit M, Afanassieff M, Markossian S, Malashicheva A, Iacone R., Anastassiadis K, Savatier P (2013) A short G1 phase is an intrinsic determinant of naïve embryonic stem cell pluripotency. Stem Cell Res 10(1): 118-31 download
Osteil P, Tapponnier Y, Markossian S, Godet M, Schmaltz-Panneau B, Jouneau L, Cabau C, Joly T, Blachère T, Gozca E, Bernat A, Yerle M, Acloque H, Hidot S, Bözse Z, Duranthon V, Savatier P, Afanassieff M (2013) Induced pluripotent stem cells derived from rabbits exhibit some characteristics of naïve pluripotency Biology Open 2:613-628 download
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Godet M, Sabido O, Gilleron J, Durand P (2008) Meiotic progression of rat spermatocytes requires mitogen-activated protein kinases of Sertoli cells and close contacts between the germ cells and the Sertoli cells. Dev Biol 315:173-88. download
Fouchécourt S, Godet M, Sabido O, Durand P. (2006) Glial cell-line-derived neurotropic factor and its receptors are expressed by germinal and somatic cells of the rat testis. J Endocrinol. 190(1):59-71 download
Godet M, Damestoy A, Mouradian S, Rudkin BB, Durand P. (2004) Key role for cyclin-dependent kinases in the first and second meiotic divisions of rat spermatocytes. Biol Reprod.70(4):1147-52. Epub 2003 Dec 26 download
Vigier M, Weiss M, Perrard MH, Godet M, Durand P (2004) The effects of FSH and of testosterone on the completion of meiosis and the very early steps of spermiogenesis of the rat: an in vitro study. J Mol Endocrinol. 33(3):729-42 download
Godet M, Thomas A, Rudkin BB, Durand P. (2000) Developmental changes in cyclin B1 and cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (CDK1) levels in the different populations of spermatogenic cells of the post-natal rat testis. Eur J Cell Biol. 79(11):816-23 download
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