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Semaine du Cerveau

Published on March 13, 2017

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Mailys Faraut

Position: PhD student

Company: Inserm U846

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Neurobiology of executive functions - Teams

Research interest

My work aims at understanding the neural bases of the use of task-sets for flexible decision making in volatile and non-deterministic environments, as well as how this ability is developed through learning-set acquisition.

Wilson CRE; Vezoli J; Stoll FM; Faraut MCM; Leviel V; Knoblauch K; Procyk E. (2016) Prefrontal Markers and Cognitive Performance Are Dissociated during Progressive Dopamine Lesion PLoS Biol 14(11): e1002576. download
Stoll FM*, Wilson CR*, Faraut MC, Vezoli J, Knoblauch K, Procyk E. (2015) The Effects of Cognitive Control and Time on Frontal Beta Oscillations Cereb Cortex. 2015 Jan 30
Procyk E, Wilson CRE, Stoll F, Faraut M, Petrides M, Amiez C (2014) Midcingulate motor map and feedback detection: converging data from humans and monkeys. Cereb Cortex in press download