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PhD thesis defense by Abhishek S. Prayagpour

Published on July 19, 2017

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Guillaume Marcy

Position: PhD Student

Company: Inserm U846

Mailing Address:
18, avenue Doyen Lépine

69500 - Bron - France
External Link:

Postnatal forebrain development and plasticity - Teams

Research interest

Guillaume’s work aims at addressing postnatal subventricular zone progenitor’s competence, i.e. their capacity to generate a diversity of cell type. To this end, he is using two approaches: 1) heterotypic/heterochronic transplantations; 2) targeted ablations of defined neuronal subtypes.

Aksoy I, Marcy G, Chen J, Divakar U, Kumar V, John-Sanchez D, Rahmani M, Buckley NJ, Stanton LW. (2016) A Role for RE-1-Silencing Transcription Factor in Embryonic Stem Cells Cardiac Lineage Specification. Apr;34(4):860-72.
Pilaz LJ, Patti D, Marcy G, Ollier E, Pfister S, Douglas RJ, Betizeau M, Gautier E, Cortay V, Doerflinger N, Kennedy H, Dehay C (2009) Forced G1-phase reduction alters mode of division, neuron number, and laminar phenotype in the cerebral cortex. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2009, 106:21924-21929 download
Wianny F, Bernat A, Huissoud C, Marcy G, Markossian S, Cortay V, Giroud P, Leviel V, Kennedy H, Savatier P, Dehay C (2008) Derivation and cloning of a Novel Rhesus ES cell line stably expressing Tau-GFP. Stem Cells. 2008 26(6):1444-1453 download
Fluckiger AC, Marcy G, Marchand M, Negre D, Cosset FL, Mitalipov S, Wolf D, Savatier P, Dehay C (2006) Cell cycle features of Primate Embryonic Stem Cells Stem Cells 24(3):547-556 download