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Conference by Adrien Meguerditchian

Published on March 28, 2017

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Dr Emmanuel Procyk

Position: Research Associate

Company: Inserm u846

Mailing Address:
18 avenue du Doyen Jean L�pine

69675 - Bron Cedex - France
External Link:

Investissements d'Avenir : LabEx CORTEX - European funded projects
Neurobiology of executive functions - Teams (leader)

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Prefrontal cortico-cortical interactions
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Brain Signals UNIT/LFP
PRIMAGE: Brain Imaging in Primates

Research interest

What are the neural mechanisms producing higher cognitive functions, and in particular those allowing flexible and voluntary behaviours? This is the main theme of my research. It addresses action and outcome valuation, cognitive control / working memory and sequential planning, and how these processes lead to rapid adaptations of behaviour.
Understanding these mechanisms requires investigating brain functions from behavioural to basic neurophysiological and neurochemical levels. System neuroscience is our approach, and it guides most projects in the NEF lab.

Our research is devoted to uncovering the functional specificities and relationships between prefrontal areas. Integrating a realistic quantitative description of prefrontal cortico-cortical connectivity of prefrontal areas with other brain structures is now an important axis of our research in interaction with Henry Kennedy’s lab. The aim is to bind network neurophysiological and pharmacological data with neuroanatomy. Finally we develop, in collaboration with PF Dominey’s lab, a computational approach to understand functions of networks devoted to higher cognition.

Finally, most approaches in our research leads toward understanding the specificity of primate brain networks, function, organization, and computational abilities compared to other species.


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