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Conference by Martin Jakt

Published on September 23, 2014

Martin Jakt from the Keio University (Tokyo) will come and give a talk...
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Stem-cell and Brain Research Institute

SBRI investigates the development, function and repair of neuronal circuits involved in cognition, motor control and biological rhythms. We seek to develop embryonic stem-cell based therapies so as to reverse the effects of dopaminergic lesions leading to the motor and cognitive deficits found in Parkinsonís disease.

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Pluipotent stem cells in mammals Stem Cells: Cortical Development and Repair Cortical Architecture, Coding and Plasticity Neurobiology of executive functions Neurobiology of circadian rhythms and Sleep Cortical Networks for Cognitive Interaction Reproduction, epigenesis and development Pathophysiology of Circadian Rhythms Pluripotency and Differentiation control of Embryonic Stem cells Neurogenesis and CNS plasticity


PrimaStem ChronoBio Core-Nets Database

Transversal projects

Cell replacement therapy for early Parkinsonís disease

European funded projects

Daisy - Co-ordinator Henry Kennedy Seco - Co-ordinator Henry Kennedy Euclock - PI: Howard Cooper CHRIS - PI : Peter Ford Dominey Organic BEST-Stem Cells- PI: Pierre Savatier